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FeATURED Collaborations

We've been lucky enough to get to work with some of the best of Tucson.

Check out a few of our favorite collaborators from our history.


Boca Tacos y Tequila

Uniforms, Menus & Merchandise

For years, we've made much of Chef Maria's design work - including special occasion menu designs, shirts that double as staff uniforms and merch, and a range of hats and beanies. Always fun to support, and get treated like family!

Crooked Tooth Brewing

Beer Cans! Merchandise!

We've grown alongside the CT team, with consistent collaboration since we both started. It was an honor to design their first can art, and is always fun to create new merchandise like headwear in custom colors.


Rialto Theater

Merchandise Tees

What an honor - we got to design merch tees a place we've seen countless great concerts over the years. These attempted to capture our love of seeing live performances, in the heart of downtown.

Ajo Bikes

Logo, Branding & Merchandise

We LOVE bikes, and getting to work with Brian and his team. Since re-working his logo years ago, we've made staff tees, business cards, hats and more!


Why I Love Where I Live

Caps, Stickers & Pins

This lovely little shop at the MSA Annex celebrates all that's good in Tucson, and features creations from some of our area's top creators. We're proud to be included.

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